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1. Select dates and next choose a rent a bike shop

2. Fill in the information form

3. Depending of the rent a bike shop pay in web or when you pick up the bicycle

4. Enjoy your bicycle in Mallorca

Cycling routes

  • Route for trekking
  • 9.35 kms
  • Easy
  • Circular
  • 3:10 h
  • Route for road bike
  • 148.6 kms
  • Easy
  • Circular
  • 7:15 h
  • Route for mountain bike
  • 43.24 kms
  • Easy
  • No circular
  • 2:39 h

Bicycle rental in Palma de Mallorca

Mallorca is the largest island in Spain, but it also has many natural beauties to show us, but touring the entire island with tranquility may seem impossible when we notice that the number of tourists is excessive and does not let us enjoy the trip, especially in the high traffic hours. It is supposed to be the perfect time to relax and enjoy a great walk on vacation without having to deal with many people.

That is why one of the most famous forms of transport to see Mallorca is the bicycle , not only because it is an excellent method to do the exercise we need on vacation, but also because with it we can access exclusive routes Let´s see what other advantages the bike rental in Palma of Mallorca offers us.

Bicycle rental benefits

We already know that with this vehicle we can benefit in two ways, to keep fit and to save time in moving towards the tourist places of the island, but the bike rental in Palma can guarantee us other experiences and advantages that will surely make us breathe a sigh of relief, so we can enjoy our vacation without worries. Let´s take a look at what these services are.

We can customize our order

One of the biggest concerns of professional cyclists and some beginners is not having the option to choose the bike model or include all those features that will make the vehicle more comfortable , but with the rental bike Mallorca We will be enjoying:

  • Rent a bike of the model and brand we want.
  • Choose any day of the week to rent it.
  • Opt for route recommendations.

Request any additional accessories

The fact that we know how to ride a bicycle does not mean that we are safe at all times, especially when we want to make a road trip , that is why in the bicycle rental Mallorca we can also ask for some accessories such as following:

  • Pedal Spare Parts.
  • Joint protection.
  • Breakage insurance.

We will have access to exclusive routes

Not all cycling routes are the same in Mallorca and when renting a bike we can request a small tour guide to choose the best destination to start our next adventure. There are travel guides for professionals and others for those who wish to enjoy the views more, among which we will have available are:

  • Palma inland routes.
  • Coastal Routes.
  • Mountain bike routes.

We will book fast and easy

By having access to the online reservations we can expedite the rental process and we will only have to remove our bike on the agreed day. The digital platform also allows us to know the availability of the model we need and add all the accessories to our order. Also, we will also have an immediate response.

Bicycle models available in Palma de Mallorca

On the other hand, they also offer us the availability of a wide variety of sport bike models . In this way, we can guarantee that we will achieve what we are looking for even before making our trip to Palma. The types of bikes we can try are these:

  • Mountain bike.
  • Road bike.
  • Ride bike.
  • Tandem.
  • Electric bike.
  • Electric scooter.

Most famous cycling routes in Palma

We can make cycling routes according to the distance and the requirement of it, depending on our physical preparation we can choose different options:

  • Can Picafort - Manacor: his is a route that crosses Arta and Porto Cristo, we can finish the tour in the town of Manacor. It has a distance of 97.37 Kms and lasts a little more than 5:30 hours to finish it. It is a circular route.
  • Raiguer route: It is a road trip, it has a distance of almost 150 Kms. It is a route for the most professions, it usually takes 7 hours to be completely covered. It is also a circular route, so it starts and ends in the same town of Pina.
  • Algaida - Costitx: It is a mountain bike route, so it is a non-circular route, it can be done with the help of a GPS although it is a short distance and requires a moderate effort. 43 Kms of trip are made in 2:30 hours.

How to book a bicycle?

If we are already familiar with online shopping, we will notice that learning to book a bicycle is a very simple process, it consists of a few steps, we just have to do a quick search for rental stores near our accommodation. Next, we must fill out a form with our data and model preferences.

To pay we can have two options, do it directly through a digital payment platform or when we remove the bicycle. With some rental stores we can also request home delivery. It´s all about choosing the process that best suits our travel plan . And ready! We can already tour the beautiful Mallorca on two wheels.